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I am Hello, I'm Shannon 

I'm a holistic intuitive healer, and subconscious mind expert. As a practitioner in the healing arts of over 15 years,

practicing massage, facials, and hypnotherapy, I have helped over 6,000 people release chronic pain, anxiety and depression so that they can fulfill their true purpose.

I was once in your shoes. I know what it's like to feel frustrated with the health care system and betrayed by my body. I suffered with chronic pain for years. At one point I was confined to my couch for months, feeling lost and overwhelmed, in the depths of depression and chronic pain, having seen doctor after doctor and getting nowhere.

Through determination, prayer, and an unending quest for answers I was able to heal myself of Crohn's Disease, Chronic pain, Ovarian Cysts, Acne, and learned how to overcome cycles of crippling anxiety and depression.

Now I help people who are committed to their health release pain in their bodies, become confident in themselves, and unleash their full potential and brilliance so they can light up the world.

Outside of my healing practice you will find me in my creative world, acting on film and television sets, in the woods or at the lake, deep into a good book, or spending quality time with my husband and little girl, and my two rescue dogs.





It’s my vision and heartfelt passion to radically change the way human beings approach their health.


Shannon Fabre-Cox

is a Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist of over 14 years.


Her healing journey has taken her from practicing in clinical settings to the grandest luxury settings of Kauai, Hawaii, to Seattle, Los Angeles, and currently in Hayden, Idaho.

She draws from her years of experience as a bodyworker, facialist, intuitive, and subconscious mind expert to deliver a holistic transformational experience to her clientele.

In addition to her numerous massage modalities and manual therapies, she is also one of the rare, advanced level practitioners in the country of the sculptural facelifting technique as taught to her by Yakov Gershkovich himself in Los Angeles, CA.

She continues to train with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, The 26th Generation Master of the House and Lineage of Kobido, in the over 500 year old art of Kobido facial massage. She has become the go to facialist in the Pacific Northwest for those seeking a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and face lifting.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️)

Overcome subconscious thought patterns and break the cycle of pain and anxiety.


Massage + Bodywork

Feel more at ease and at home in your body.


Holistic Facials + Treatments

Healthy, beautiful skin that's lit from within

using the power of plants, skilled hands, and technology.

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Hundreds have already regained their power to heal themselves.

You might be wondering...

What is an intuitive healer?

As an intuitive healer...

In harmony with my many years of hands on work and training in the healing arts, I also use my intuition to tap in to your body and spirit to help discover the root cause of your symptoms. This is a gift I've had since childhood.

This may show up in different ways to me.

Sometimes I...

  • Let my hands guide me during a session or be drawn to a certain area.
  • Experience a dialogue in my head.
  • Feel things in my body or experience emotions.
  • Have a "knowing."

I don't make a spectacle of this gift during our time together. I use it as a personal tool to ask questions and determine what areas to treat for my clients and in what way.

How I can help

When you're ready to...

-Release and break the chronic pain cycle.

-Retrain your nervous system for more ease and calm.

-Identify and release old thought patterns that are keeping you from feeling good.

-Cultivate healthy, natural looking beauty.

-Learn what's holding you back from experiencing ease in your body and get the exact steps to get unstuck.


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Let's do this

I would love to support you into the next level of freedom, beauty, and wellness.